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Brainwashing is not as obvious as we think

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2021

Some of us indulge in delusional positivity just to feel good for the moment, others believe in the delusion daily until they no longer know what is the truth what is delusion anymore. 

This is the nature of our minds. It is indeed what we think that decides how we perceive and relate to reality. 

I had a funny conversation with my 88-year-old dad, he really wanted to eat poh-piah (spring roll) from a particular restaurant. I told him that I would buy them for him the next time I see him, but he was insistent that he wanted to have them immediately. His friend showed him a delivery app (which has a three in one service: food delivery, courier service and transport service) and it said that he can get the delivery done. 

When I told him that it may not be possible if the restaurant is not listed in the food app, he said he saw with his own eyes the app that the friend showed him that delivery can be done. 

I imagine some of you smiling now. While he is not wrong, but what my dad doesn't understand is how the app works because he asked, how does one pay for the food.

He was insistent that it works, it took me quite some time to explain the whole process of how the app works, I really don't know if he understood me. Unfortunately, the food app doesn't deliver to his home, so he would have to wait for me. 

This scenario is very much like so many situations we have experienced in life. We get into arguments with people because we think we know because we have seen it. Yet we may not know because we do not have all the information. 

The internet is one big graveyard for this. People read things on the internet and believe them to be true. I once dated someone who argued with me about certain things that happen in a particular country, and I have been there many times. BUT he has never once been there, he only read about them on the internet. *singger* Yes, ridiculous. 

Ask yourself: what truly are your views of yourself and the world? Are the views the product of what you have read on the internet and social media? How much of these are your own personal views? You will be surprised by how much brainwashing goes on. 

Brainwashing is not as obvious as we think. If we see and read something daily we will begin to believe it to be true. 

It is really important for us to take a break from these outside inputs every once in a while. To tune in to our inner wisdom and not have outside influences dictate our thoughts, our emotions and our actions. 

What is also vital is to have a variety of sources of information, so that you can have a big picture perspective of things. Gather as much information as you without polarising to one perspective or one view only. The impatience and the need to "make a choice" of one perspective is an indicator of a trauma response. And this should be a red flag for yourself if you jump to conclusions too quickly. Or if you do not allow yourself time to assess information before making a decision on where you stand. 

An internet fast is necessary or else you will never know what is real or not anymore. 

At a time like now, while the world is going through such huge changes, the only thing that you can truly control right now is your consciousness.

So guard it well. 


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