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Affirmation / Prayers for the biggest internal war of our lifetime

Uncategorized Oct 11, 2021

The war I'm referring to is about the internal war within ourselves.

The chaos we see happening is the shadow side of human consciousness coming up to the surface, it has to be brought to the light in order for it to be resolved, heal and bring us back into greater balance. 

On so many different levels, this is not personal. It is the collective. It is 100s of generations of shadow consciousness that we have collectively stuffed down deep within our psyche.

Now the world is shaken, and the shaking moves things. The stirring begins and we see the ugliness, some so ugly it is close to evil, but we also have the deep beautiful human superpowers and ability to love, express joy and have compassion towards those who may wrong them. 

These are trying times, for many, individually and collectively. It is now where discernment is truly key -- it is not what you see with your eyes that matters, but what you see from your heart and soul that will direct you. 

The pray below is non-religious but I have added the various names of God for your comfort, please feel free to use the name that most aligns with you. 

Prayer Of Our Now Times

As I open my eyes and see the "evidence" in front of me, 

I reach deep within my heart and soul and ask: is this FEAR? False Evidence Appearing Real? 

I will not allow false evidence to make me sit in comfort, because not making a choice is making a choice.

My heart and soul sing the song that will guide me, and this is the compass I must follow.

For this is the only true light, as I trust my own light despite what I see in front of me, I align my light with the light of the Universe, with God, with Allah, with Buddha, with Hod, with Elohim, with Kuan Yin, with Krishna, with many other names of God, as we align with One True God. 

I stand firm in the power of Love, Light & Wisdom and allow my internal light to glow through me

This internal battle is over when I choose to remain aligned with my light and compass. 

- channelled by Shamala Tan

©2021 Shamala Tan

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