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A to Z list of things to be aware of if you are on any path

Uncategorized Jan 28, 2019

A list of things to be aware of if you are on any spiritual path — whether you are on the path of new age, whether you are Christian, Buddhists, Muslim, Hindu or others….
A – Arrogance
Holier than thou and condescending attitudes do not sit well with people in general. Moreover, it is pure arrogance to think that you are right while others are not. No one has the ULTIMATE answer while on earth. Everyone is doing what they perceive as best and just get on with life. This is the game of life, the answer will only be revealed at the end of the game. 
B – Brainwash 
The interesting thing about being brainwashed is that we are not even aware of it. On a daily basis, we are being brainwashed by social media, by media in general, by leaders, by politicians, by religions and so on. The idea is to be aware that it happens and even to the most prominent turned notorious people. 
C – Channeling 
An interesting concept that everyone does all the time. Not just people in the new age movement. We are channels of energy, light, knowledge, love, and so much more. When we write, we are channelling our creative side, when we dance we are channelling our inner joy. When we love, we are channelling love from source. You get the picture.
D – Demons 
A song by Imagine Dragons 
Also known in religious groups as evil spirits and supernatural beings. Demons are also known to possess persons, especially religious fanatics. 
E – Easy
It is easy to blame and sweep things under the carpet. If you want to grow spiritually or to be more Christ-like, Buddha-like, Mohammed-like and many other sages/guru like, don’t be easy. 
F – Fan
Be a fan of other people’s path of spirituality or religion, without judging. Don’t take the high road that yours is better than theirs. 
G – Giant Ego 
This is a big boulder that many with spiritual pride trip over.
H – Holistic
This is not just a term used only by new age people. Holistic is a proper word which means a whole of something, or a total system instead of just to its parts. For eg, there is holistic medicine, holistic ecology, holistic religion and so on. 
I – Innocent 
This is a wonderful psychological archetype to integrate into our consciousness. However, there are upsides and as well as its dark side. An innocent perspective allows one to see things from a non-judgmental perspective, free from taintedness. However, the downside to this is if one is innocent yet not psychologically clear then there’s a high chance that one can be so naive to the point of being manipulated for other people’s gains. 
J – Jesus
One of the most uttered names of God during acts of love by Christians and non-Christians alike. First-century Jewish religious leader. In Christianity, he is known as the Messiah. 
K – Karma
Simply means cause and effect
Cause = I drink 4 pints of beer daily
Effect = I roll around now with a beer belly
L -Love
M – Meditation
A spiritual practice often is known as quiet time to commune with God. To listen to God. It is also a practice to learn to quiet the mind or to contemplate.
N – New Age
A broad name was given to a movement of individuals with an eclectic approach to their spiritual path. There are new age teachers, seekers and practitioners, and often they have their beliefs stemmed in one or more religious belief. 
O – Om
OM symbolises the Creator or Creator God. This vibration originates from the Hindu faith.
P – Psychic
One who can sense energies. This is a much more common phenomenon than people realise. Everyone sense energies, some more than others. When you enter a room where two people just had an argument, and without knowing what happened prior, you sense a tension in the room. This is you using your psychic abilities — sensing energy. 
Q – Qi 
Also commonly spelt Chi, means air or breath or energy. Stems from the Mandarin Chinese language. 
R – Religion
Used interchangeably with faith or belief. Religion is a set of beliefs that deals with the supernatural, and most would consider these as sacred. There are many different religions in the world, each with its own merits, and each applicable to different lifestyles, cultures and traditions. Geography plays a part in how religions are practised too. 
S – Shinto 
it is a native religion of Japan. And Marie Kondo’s practice of decluttering, joy activation and giving gratitude to things is based on this belief. Marie Kondo’s way of spreading joy is a welcoming change to many homes worldwide because no one is complaining of too much joy at home. 
T – Tarot Cards
A deck of playing cards depicting the archetypes of human consciousness. The cards provide doorways to the unconscious for us to explore and understand. Carl Jung, the world’s renowned psychologist, psychiatrist, journalist and founder of analytical psychology supports the use of the Tarot deck with his extensive studies and research. 
Unidentified Flying Object.
This could mean an unrecognisable plane, drone or some other vehicle unknown to lay people on the street.
V – Visualisation
A common practice that we do daily when we think and see within our mind something, someone or a place. We can’t help but visualise something when we think of it. Eg. a pink elephant, do you see a pink elephant now in your mind?
W – Worship
A spiritual practice of devotion praise to a supernatural being such as God, and in some religions gods and goddesses. This act can be done privately or in a community in a formal gathering or in a legal organization headed by a leader who leads these worships. 
X – Xtra
According to the Urban dictionary — “when someone is so over the top happy that it just ends up making them stupid and unprofessional in any situation.” 
Something all of us should pay heed so that we do not come across as judgey towards others
Y – Yoga
This is not just a set of stretching exercises. The term yoga actually means spiritual practices. So a spiritual practice can take you to enlightenment — meaning it gives you more clarity mentally and gives you a lighter perspective of things as well. 
Z – Zen Buddhism 
A sitting meditation performed to calm the body and mind. Also knowns as Zazen which literally means seated concentration.

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