Overcoming Narcissistic and Toxic Relationships Coaching Program

Your Healing Journey Begins

Rediscover Your Path with True North: 

Embark on a transformative journey with Shamala Tan, a survivor of narcissistic abuse and a seasoned counsellor in spiritual psychology. The "True North" one-on-one coaching program is designed to empower you to reclaim your reality and find clarity amidst chaos. Through tailored sessions that blend deep psychological insights with spiritual guidance, Shamala will help you navigate the challenges of gaslighting and toxic relationships.


Who Is This For?

This program is specially crafted for individuals who feel trapped, confused, and exhausted by their relationships.  Whether you're dealing with a narcissistic partner or a toxic family dynamic, "True North" provides a path to healing and self-discovery.

This service is also highly recommended for survivors of narcissistic relationships (even though you're no longer in such a relationship) and you're still struggling with self-esteem, procrastination and fear of living your best life. 

Understanding the markers of toxic relationships is crucial in recognizing and addressing them. Here are some common experiences that may resonate with those who have endured such relationships:

  • Gaslighting: This is a manipulative tactic where your perceptions, memories, or beliefs are questioned or denied, making you doubt your reality. You might hear things like, "You're too sensitive," or "That never happened," which can leave you feeling confused and unstable.
  • Inconsistent Communication: This might manifest as periods of intense communication followed by phases of withdrawal and silence. This unpredictability can create anxiety and an uneven power dynamic where you're left waiting for the next interaction.
  • Love Bombing: This involves an initial overwhelming display of affection and attention. It might feel exhilarating at first but is often used to gain control or influence. The person might shower you with gifts, compliments, and promises to create a sense of deep connection rapidly.
  • Invalidation: Your feelings and thoughts may be consistently dismissed or ridiculed. This can be subtly undermining, leaving you feeling misunderstood and small.
  • Withholding Affection: Affection and attention might be withdrawn as a form of punishment or manipulation, especially when you act in ways that the toxic person disapproves of, challenging your actions or decisions.
  • Hot and Cold Behaviour: They might present a charming and engaging persona in public while being cold or dismissive in private. This stark contrast can be confusing and isolating, making it difficult to seek support.
  • Financial Control: Exerting control over your financial resources can be a tactic to limit your independence and freedom. This might involve restricting access to money, closely monitoring spending, or making you financially dependent.

Benefits from Coaching:

  • Regain confidence and trust in your perceptions
  • Understand and heal from psychological abuse
  • Learn practical strategies to detach from manipulative behaviours
  • Achieve a renewed sense of self and emotional freedom

Ready to Start?

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