When Is Something Not Meant To Be?

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Accompanying article: When is something not meant to be?

The most common ways in which people make their decisions are based on whether "something is meant to be" or not, is usually from whether they feel good about something or whether there is resistance.

But this could be one of the biggest mistakes people make regarding decision-making.

Feeling a resistance does not necessarily mean that it is not meant to be. Because the resistance could come from so many factors:

  • resistance to change, fear of change
  • resistance to more work
  • resistance to looking inward
  • resistance to being accountable and being responsible for one's own actions
  • resistance to growth
  • and so much more....

 And sometimes, resistance is a test to see how much we want or deserve something. Are we willing to grow through the resistance to get it?

In many spiritual circles, it is often said that if it is so difficult, chances are it is not meant to be.

I tend to disagree and it is certainly irresponsible to think and feel this. Most resistance is not bad, they are in fact good for you. Even in physical exercises, we have this thing called: resistance training! What is it for? To build and become stronger! It is really no different from life.

So how does one make the decision if not for looking at whether things make us feel good? This is an area that requires practice, but everyone will get it.

This is a practice of listening to one's body. We have been programmed to be cut off from what feels right in our bodies through sensation-numbing fake foods, toxic drinks, toxic smells, medications and so on. That most people don't even know what, how, or why they are feeling in their bodies.

Most are cut off from their biggest intuitive sense that is inbuilt by our Creator in the body!

What we consume is not just from foods, it is what we breathe in, what we inject, what we read, what we consume from social media, mass media and so on. Do you know how to guard yourself against the toxicity of all of these? This is certainly a life skill that is missing from what we essentially as humans need to learn from the day we are born.

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