Energies Of 2020 and Beyond

by Shamala Tan

This is extracted and transcribed for your reading pleasure from one of Shamala's  LIVE classes titled: The Energies Of 2020 and what to expect...

.....The energies in January 2020 is really one of newness and, as always we celebrate the new year. If you have been planning, in fact, all of us now should be planning what we want to do in 2020 and what we want to achieve, have our goals set and have everything done and laid out for the next year. The energies in January will be very supportive of us. It will support us in what we want to do and so when we lay our foundation, in the month of December and in the month of January, the energies are going to support us tremendously in that context. It is going to be making us move forward, the energies are going to propel us forward and there will be a lot of newness. In terms of new discovery within self, there will be new technologies, new things popping up, new ideas, new breakthroughs. In fact, if you look around even in the economy there will be a lot of industry disruptors, distrupting the old and bringing in the new so a lot of this newness coming in for January. If you personally have a project that you want to work on and you want to implement it, allow the energies in January to assist you. It is going to take you further down the road and it is going to push you. Bear in mind also that our cycles are becoming shorter. We all go through cycles. We have cycles of renewal, we have cycles of renewal and up we climb and then we plateau and then downhill and then destruction and then renewal, so the birth, death and rebirth process, whatever we are doing is going to be going much faster. So, the energies of 2020 you will experience this. The cycles are moving faster.....(continue reading below) To view the full video, click here


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.......In the month of February what is going to happen is the elements Air and Water are going to be felt quite strongly. 2 areas in our lives are going to be really affected, these being our mental and emotional development. This will be manifested in so many different ways. When we say development, it means lessons. These are lessons that are going to come our way that we need to confront some of these issues which we may have been trying to run away from. Mental and emotional stuff will come up for many of us, especially those on the spiritual path.  

You may also see the climate changing because of this emotional and mental energy, which are the Air and Water Elements so that is going to play a very big part in all of our lives, on the planet, in the movement of energies on the planet and within our own personal lives.

Now, in March there will be quite a change.  The energies will come to a standstill almost. Almost like it is so still you feel as though nothing is happening and you might start to feel that time has slowed down in the month of March.  This is the time when we are supposed to reassess situations and to do some catching up as well. To reassess how much we have done in the past two months, which means January and February, and how much has not happened and what we need to do and what kind of new strategies we need in our lives. There is also some catching up of energies from 2019.  Remnant energies and stuff that we have not looked at, it is going to catch up and it is going to make its presence known in March. So unfinished business from 2019 is going to surface for us in the month of March. When I say March is give and take, I mean it is around that period.

The month of April.   April is really on the renewal of energies.  As I said, cycles are going faster so the renewals and the newness started in January, April is going to be renewal, so it is quite fast.  Some of us will experience newness, new things, new discovery, new understanding of self and maybe new relationships or a new job. Cycles are shorter so there is a lot of newness in the month of April and that is going to be quite supportive of our spiritual development and progress.  

The month of May there will be some harvesting and we will see some fruit of our labour and we will see what we have been trying to manifest come into fruition in the month of May.  On the spiritual level, if we have been consistent in doing what we are supposed to be doing to help us in our spiritual development we will see quite obvious results. The fruit of our labour will be quite obvious in the month of May.  So, watch out for that. Do your consistent work and you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Now the month of June, there will be a lot of light coming in.  New levels of lightness is going to come in to support us in our spiritual development and it is  good time to enjoy the energies by sitting down quite doing some deeper meditation or trying out some new spiritual tools.  The new influx of energies and light coming in will be very supportive of that.

July we will see a lot of physical manifestation.  I would like to highlight here that the manifestation could be anything and everything, negative or positive, so some people may be manifesting illnesses, some people manifesting mental destruction or emotional stuff.  I am not saying all these to scare you, but I want you know that whatever energies you are putting in now in your life is going to come into quite obvious and solid manifestation in the month of July. Make sure you spend energies working on positive things right now. Mentally focus on positive things and aligning emotionally along there as well so that when July comes you will really enjoy the fruit of your labour.

August, you know in the old days we used to spend maybe the later part of the year thinking about and reassessing our year and thinking about what we are going to do in the new year, well, what is going to happen in 2020, is in the month of August is going to force you to do some reassessment and it is going to prep you for the new year.  To do your prepping it is going to take a longer time so you are going to have more lead time to prep but the situation and circumstances around you are also forcing you in a way to do this reassessment and to start making plans for 2021.

2021 is the year of great urgency for us to get on and live our purpose and be of service or else it is going to be very confrontational.

Now, the month of September, many people will go through some form of Tsunami.  It will be emotional changes and it will be quite charged up emotionally and on a planetary level you may see some movement of that from natural disasters, because planet Earth is also helping us in this flushing out of energies and the Tsunami flux coming in and, this may not be a physical flux but certainly emotionally.  All of us will go through some form or another to a greater or lesser degree.  

October is going to be relatively dry and it is going to be quite quiet, there is no new influx of energy and what we are supposed to be doing for October is really working with existing energies and whatever we have already done, so we have time to not be greedy and want more energies but to work with what we have and see what we need to let go of.  Prep ourselves for 2021 so we have a much more purposeful year in 2021.   

November, again the energies are building up and there will be quite a lot of breakdowns.  These breakdowns can manifest in different ways and in many forms in our personal lives, in our career and in our relationships with other people as well.  

December there will be more building up of energies to bring us into 2021 and this means also that there will be a tearing down of deeper stuff and so what I see, what the vision present to me is that December next year the energies will be a little bit bleak. I don’t like to bring bad news to people or to carry this so I personally believe that we have 12 months or more and we can actually change that. None of this is fixed, we can certainly bring about a change in how we want to see our lives going, we do what is right for us, what is right for our spiritual development, our service work and how we want to serve other people and then the energies will support us that way.

If you are not prepared by next year, December, then you may experience some tearing down of deeper stuff which may not necessarily be a bad thing sometimes because sometimes when we spend enough time tearing down stuff, by January 2021, expect new energies again, it is a time of renewal again...... © Shamala Tan 2019 To view the full video, go here



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Testimonials From Clients

What I really like about Shamala is that she’s super direct. She tunes into the heart of the problem and begins to generate solutions, possibilities and options. Although she’s also kind, it’s this directness that I want from a coach….if I wanted my hand held, I’d have called my mum  ~ Emma Patricio
Shamala is an effective listener: gifted at pinpointing the core of an enquiry and delving deeper to identify challenges and ideas to address them. ~ Suzie Kim
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Yes, the free 15 minutes session with Shamala was very beneficial.
Shamala was able to ask me direct questions that soon after, I had a clear understand of how to being productive and have clarity on solving one of my challenges. ~ Nick Catricala
Testimonial from a Fitness Coach
I came to Shamala with the purpose of figuring out myself and also for resolving my personal issues that have been persistent for a long time.
Lost, confused and felt hopeless, I could not comprehend what I was going through during that phase of my life. It was difficult to find the answers that I was seeking, moreover further diluted with the inputs of other people who couldn’t understand.
When I did my sessions with Shamala, I absolutely appreciated how she approached my situation with questions tackling the issues and yet with a delicate approach. It wasn’t a “you must not feel this way” at all, but carefully handling my spiritual journey with appropriate assignments and meaningful questions.
Overtime, I found myself more connected with my inner self and found that I was able to gain strength to face difficult situations that I used to be fearful and unnatural in front of since a young age. I also discovered the emotional blocks that I had always possessed for a long time, and gradually removed them during the course of my spiritual coaching with Shamala. As a result, it also propelled my career in terms of being more connected with my clients.
If you are looking to change your life, yet are always facing obstacles by pressure or your environment, I would highly recommend Shamala to guide you along. Be prepared to do the recommended assignments and practise what is given too!
As they say, “if you are looking for investments with high returns and low risk, invest in yourself”, with this said, engaging Shamala was the best investment for myself. – Fitness Coach


I worked with Shamala on the 4 body holistic coaching for 3 months and even continued on for another month after that. I found Shamala to be a great teacher and coach for me who gave me the push I needed in areas that we were working on throughout the coaching program. Shamala is honest, kind, supportive and has amazing insight into what is currently going on in my life which helped me to also be open to see what was going on as well, giving me great insight into myself. Through the clearing meditation that I received from Shamala in which I used daily I found that my energy levels were greatly increased and I was able to protect myself from others negative energies to keep myself safe. Shamala gave me the tools and skills I needed to help me work through past and present issues allowing me to clear a lot of negative emotions and blocks. I highly recommend working with Shamala who has been such an amazing teacher and coach guiding me through this journey, helping me with self love, self confidence, self empowerment and uplifting my energy fields through working on the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Thank you Shamala, I am so very grateful. Karen Brisbane, Australia


Working with Shamala for  2 months was an amazing experience for me . She has helped and supported me through my personal power and inner child blocks. She was readily available when I needed her via email when I felt the grasp of the negative ego trying to take over. I always looked forward to my weekly sessions with Shamala, it always ended with great insight and upliftment. She worked through the process with a positive and supportive attitude. I am grateful to have worked with her. I only finished thus far the 2 months of the 3 month fast track program, but within this time I have felt a great shift in my being. I definitely feel more confidence, self love and power to do what i was meant to do in this life. I will definitely finish up my 3rd month of the program and continue to work with Shamala as she has been a wonder to work with and shift me out of my blocks. Thank you Shamala! ~ C.R. from California


More testimonials from past clients — Due to the sensitivity of the clients’ needs, most names have been withheld on request.

Dear Shamala,

Excuse the delay here! I just wanted to thank you for the healing session. As you will be aware, it is having such a great, well – needed impact on my life I really needed it – as you will be well aware! I’m very grateful for the path you have chosen, and your service has proven priceless to me.

Thank you so much!

Much love and blessings always!


Thank you so much once again Shamala. I have listened to the CDs and is starting ti clear my energy fields now……everything is much appreciated  

Warm Regards,


Dear Shamala,

Thank you so much for the clearing session, I feel energetic in the last couple of days. I feel I am given a new lease of life. I can not thank you and the Masters enough for healing me in such a wonderful arragment that is completed successfully.. …….

Once again, thank you so much for your help, your love & blessings.  There should be more people like you around so there will be less people seeing Psychiatrists.

With love from the bottom of my heart,


Dear Shamala this is really care for your fellow. This work have no price.


Dear Shamala for long time I have a complicated health and I was for a list 4 years with terrible terribles pains all over (now we know why). They are gone.

Shamala God bless us and Thanks, thanks, thanks.



Dear Shamala:

Thank you for your healing again! I listened the CD, and I felt great pain that I had had before as if I released the residues of the past negative energy again.

I keep releasing and healing with the CD for 21 days and more If I need.


Dear Shamala,

Hope you are having a good new year and all is well.

Shamala since having  a negative elementals session with you 12 months ago. My life has profoundly changed. I have gone from being the victim to becoming more empowered. For This ” I Thankyou”.


Dear Shamala,

I could have never really thanked you enough for your selfless assistance to my smaller son and me.

If you remember in last August as an emergency you facilitated a Clearing-Healing Session for him, but you addressed it to me.

And Look at him now ! He is working and renting his own little unit. He got the job what he wanted and very quickly without any problem. And now he and his girlfriend are healthy and happy together.

Thank you!

Much love,


Dearest Shamala,

Thank you very much for that very powerful HEALING/CLEARING/COUNSELING session. I had some amazing experiences last night while you were all helping me and then again today while listening to it. I will be sure to follow your recommendations.

Thank you for this amazing gift you have provided for me and alI of your time and energy you have put into helping me. I greatly appreciate everything. I feel truly blessed by your kindness!

Please let me know when the time becomes available for the other reading. Thank You!

Many Blessings and Much Love, Light and Power,


Hi Shamala,

I just want to express my utmost gratitude for the amazing session you, Lady Kwan Yin and Dwhal Khul have prepared for me. It is indeed beyond my expectations, and I will be listening and enjoying it for many days, months and years to come.

I commend you for the service work you’re doing for all of humanity.



Namaste Shamala,

How are you today?

Just keeping in touch with you to see how things are ….

I have completed my 21 days of the last two sessions …

Genetic clearing and Subconscious reprogramming ….

AMAZING is all I have to say ….

I commend you and thank you for everything that you do…..


Dear Shamala,

Thank you very much for the session you sent. I had just completed my first session and I feel blessed for having found this work.

Until next time…

Warmest Regards,





Dear Shamala.

I have no words to tell you how impress, blessed I am after I have hard the first time your CD, the pains are gone. I still have high blood pressure, but I know will  be gone.

I am continuing to hear the CD every day and I fell like to be hearing all day long.


Dear Shamala,

Thank You so much, listening to the session just makes me feel so much better and empowers me everytime. I really needed this and it came. You are so kind and helpful. Keep doing what you love! I hope to talk to you more often!

Infinite blessings,


Shamala, I downloaded the mp3 and did it this evening. it is the most profound clearing and healing I ever had.


Dear Shamala,

I’m very grateful for your enlightening work. We both enjoyed it very much. I’ve already downloaded the files.

Thank you!

Love & light,


Hello my beloved Shamala

MP3 have been downloaded successfully…………and be listened also…….

It was a very powerful session, very assisting in the New Energies I would like to move and contained a lot of information also of knowing ‘how’….is it going to happen…….

This is a great tool to use

Thank you very much for being a part of this proccess and a Wayshower to the New Paradigm, Ascension of me, Ascension of Mother Earth….be one with Eternal Self…….

May Love and Peace be on your Path……..




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