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Mindfulness For Beginners Offer

This series of three classes are suitable for beginners to more experienced practitioners.

Not only will you learn how to better manage stress, we will also be covering the topics such as:

  • Introduction to Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness & Food

  • Mindfulness While Staying At Home

These classes are non-religious in nature and include class notes, video recordings and practical tips and information

How Others Experienced The Classes

“Hi Shamala, Just wanted to let you know that I liked how you made the teachings of mindfulness so clear with the use of examples. I realised that I had prior to this ‘overexerted’ on watching the mind and completely forgot about engaging the felt sense to include the physical body in this process. I am feeling more relaxed now. Look forward to your next class - Best regards Lu Yen”

“As usual you are very generous in your sharing. Thank you.”

“Love the Q&A, thank you Shamala!”

“Can (we) have more sessions? :D”

“My 1st attend, Shamala's workshop is engaging and inspiring”

“I have enjoyed your Mindfulness classes because "mindfulness" is new to me. I like your classes to help us develop greater self awareness.”