You feel let down by the system, and you want something that gives you results, in real-time. 
How about looking at wellness care, rather than health care? Why not get into the core issues, rather than just getting rid of symptoms?

Healing & Bio-Resonance Therapy - Use Nature's Energies To Improve Your Well Being

Who Is This For? 

  • Anyone struggling from the lack of answers regarding their health challenges

  • For anyone looking for alternative care which can give them valuable info

  • Those seeking non-invasive ways for healing. (this is completely safe for everyone)

  • Those struggling with chronic issues which include: long covid; adverse reactions to jabs; brain fog; constant fatigue; unexplained weight loss; unexplained dizziness; hormonal imbalance; allergies; stress; depressive feelings & thoughts/anxiety issues; skin issues/eczema; forgetfulness; easily confused; low self-esteem; lack of confidence; and more

  • To book your session, send a Whatsapp to Shamala at 97364300


How Does It Work?

This wellness therapy technique aims at stimulating the body's natural healing processes by supplying energy to dysfunctional parts of the body with frequencies of healing that are matching with the rest of the body that is healthy. This serves to eliminate energy blocks in the body systems.

Clients experience this session either sitting or lying down, and they are connected to the bio-resonance machine through a headset.

Three Types of Therapy are used, one at a time:

Light to delivered to the client's electromagnetic field around the brain area to activate the body's own healing process

The technology has curated the energies of thousands of plants, and the plant energies most suitable for the client will be directed to the parts of the body that need healing. This could be one, two, or even 20 plant energies at a time.

This works exactly like the above plant energy therapy. Thousands of crystal frequencies have been curated, and then those suitable for the client will be directed to the specific parts of the body. 

For each of these: Light, Plant and Crystal Energy Therapies, electromagnetic signals are first sent to the head and brain areas, and the brain is the core centre that manages cell regeneration and self-healing that communicates with the rest of the body to promote self-healing.

In short, this therapy is based on Quantum Physics. This amazing technology is packed into a neat machine. The client can choose to sit or lie down, while the facilitator operates the machine to allow the facilitation of this healing session. 

The Advantages Of Bio-Resonance 

See in real-time on the screen, the healing happening and the specified area/areas being worked on. Right down to the cells, and/or molecular structures. Inter-cellular communication also shows us if your body has the capacity to heal that compromised areas, and what alternatives are available to help you heal. 

Any problems, allergens or toxins discovered will be eliminated from the body and it encourages the body to self-heal.

Each session is 90 mins long. For optimum results, 10 sessions are recommended

To book your session, send a Whatsapp to Shamala at 97364300

Testimonials from worldwide clients for healing work. Due to client sensitivity, some names are withheld.
Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Where is the session done? 

This session is done via zoom or face-to-face at my home office. The exact location is given to you only after you have booked, the general location is on the east side (Katong area) For zoom sessions, a clear photo of you is required.

  • Can this be done remotely?

Yes, this session can be done remotely or face to face. 

  • How long is each session

Each session is 90 minutes long

  • How many sessions do I need to see results?

You will see results in real time as we are doing the session. However, for optimum results, 10 sessions are recommended.

  • How much does it cost? Is there a package price?

It is $150 (Singapore dollars) per session. You may purchase a package of 10 sessions to receive one additional session. So 11 sessions for the price of 10.

  • Are the sessions transferable to a family member for the package?

No, they are not. However, there is flexibility in this, on a case-by-case basis. 

  • Do I get a refund for unused sessions?

No refunds will be given. As it is recommended that all sessions be utilised for optimum results.

  • How do I book a session?

For physical sessions, send Shamala a WhatsApp at 97364300 For zoom sessions, please CLICK HERE

  • Is this recommended for pregnant mums? Or people with pacemakers?

This is completely safe for both pregnant mums and heart patients. Including children. 

  • Can I use my DNA report to personalise what I receive through the therapy?

Yes, you can. You can use any reports pertaining to your well-being to personalise what you wish to receive. This includes your mental and emotional health reports.