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Inner Soul School - Updated March 2022

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Inner Soul School

Access to live classes as well as all classes since the beginning of Jan 2019, you know that these meditations done weekly are power packed!

More classes are constantly added to your subscription.

The classes usually begin with a discussion, followed by the meditation. The total time for each class is approximately 50-60 mins

For the latest upcoming class titles, go here >>> https://www.shamalatan.info/global_meditation

Some of the titles already on the students' portal site:

  • The energies of Venus Meditation Fest; Is Venus only about love? How to work with Venus for abundance and materialism?
  • Why do we play the avoidance game? What do we avoid so that we do not have to deal with them? The Broken Self & how to heal it?
  • Consciousness - what defines it, when it comes to spiritual growth, Abundance & healing consciousness, do they work together? Consciousness & psychology, how do they work for our spiritual development?
  • Psychic Debt - Can we repay on the energy level, can we measure psychic debts in dollars and cents, Psychic debt and karma, are they inter-connected
  • Communication - How communication transforms lives, Spiritual communication in the physical world, what happens when the planets commune with us
  • Sexuality - What is sexuality in spiritual terms, the shadow side, a path towards enlightenment
  • Karma - Cause & effect, How does it work on our psychology, the spiritual effects
  • Dreams - our dreamworld, psychological symbols, and spiritual dreams
  • The Shadow theme for month of May -- what is the shadow self; the shadow in our lives; How is the shadow of humanity playing up during the pandemic
  • Spiritual Rejuvenation/Realigning Our Life Purpose
  • Emotional/Mental Bodies Rejuvenation Meditation
  • Physical cells Renewal/Rejuvenation Meditation
  • Emotional & Mental Toxin Scrubbing Meditation & Finding The Point of Stillness Within
  • Air & Water Elements, and our Emotional & Mental Body Growth in Ascension 2020
  • 2020 Ascension Wave in our Day to Day
  • Integrating lessons from 2019 into 2020
  • How we can use 2020 to fulfil our life purpose
  • Spiritual lifeskills we need
  • Ancestral Clearing Meditation 
  • Attracting Soul Lessons
  • Aura Repair
  • Energy Clearing With Past & Present Sexual Partners
  • Negative Cords And What Are They?
  • Psychic Attacks, and What Are They?
  • Soul Purpose Meditation
  • Three Things to Focus on in 2020 for your Spiritual & Personal Development
  • Welcoming the Energies of 2020 meditation for Ascension
  • Should Spiritual People Drink Alcohol?
  • The Energies of 2020 and what can we expect on the Spiritual Path
  • Spiritual Bypassing & The Dangers Around it
  • And so much more!

More titles will be added every month, and you will need a few months before you will catch up with all that we have added to this site. So enjoy!

What People Are Saying:

Shamala is amazing, and she has a blog, podcast, 3 meditation/month tackling various topics. I went for her 1st meditation session, and I get to see results immediately. She's very knowledgeable and very giving. A living example of Givers' Gain. Looking forward to our next group meditation session. Highly recommended to those that are working to improve themselves.

Rayn Lim

Dear Shamala I really thank you for guiding us into this beautiful meditation,I wish to get a copy of karmic clearance Meditation. I will like to inform you about the manifestation of my wish in Chakra healing, with God's grace it materialised so soon, really thanks to you and everyone else, I wish the same for everyone. With love Neelam


Thanks for the session today. It was powerful and amazing. -- Sophian (Australia)


Thank you so much for facilitating the meditation this week (and all other weeks too). It was such a powerful, transformative and healing experience today. I am truly grateful to you, it is helping me to let go of some deep fears that have been affecting my life in lots of ways for the past 30 years, so thank you so so much. You are truly amazing 💖💖xxx -- Kerri (UK)


Thanks for this evening's session. That was powerful feeling the connection to the Mother Earth and connecting to the three kingdoms. I felt an instant connection to my pets that passed on. It was kinda sad initially, then the healing took place. Greatly appreciate it -- S.H. (Australia)