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Psychic Reading/Coaching Session


Clarity, Light At The End Of The Tunnel & Lightness In Your Steps.

The thing holding you back is the lack of clarity


Take the first step towards an enlightened perspective of who you are, where you came from and where you are heading...

Sessions are done via Skype or Zoom (your preference) and they will be recorded for your viewing pleasure. 

Once you have made payment, emails will be sent to you with details, kindly respond on your preferences and also which specific session you are looking at:

They include:

  • Intuitive & Spiritual Reading/Coaching
  • Multi-D journey & accessing soul records
  • Aura/Energy cleansing and cord cutting session (psychic clearing)


What People Are Saying:

Shamala is an effective listener: gifted at pinpointing the core of an enquiry and delving deeper to identify challenges and ideas to address them. ~ Suzie


What I really like about Shamala is that she’s super direct. She tunes into the heart of the problem and begins to generate solutions, possibilities and options. Although she’s also kind, it’s this directness that I want from a coach….if I wanted my hand held, I’d have called my mum ~ Emma


I came to Shamala with the purpose of figuring out myself and also for resolving my personal issues that have been persistent for a long time. Lost, confused and felt hopeless, I could not comprehend what I was going through during that phase of my life. It was difficult to find the answers that I was seeking, moreover further diluted with the inputs of other people who couldn’t understand. When I did my sessions with Shamala, I absolutely appreciated how she approached my situation with questions tackling the issues and yet with a delicate approach. It wasn’t a “you must not feel this way” at all, but carefully handling my spiritual journey with appropriate assignments and meaningful questions. Overtime, I found myself more connected with my inner self and found that I was able to gain strength to face difficult situations that I used to be fearful and unnatural in front of since a young age. I also discovered the emotional blocks that I had always possessed for a long time, and gradually removed them during the course of my spiritual coaching with Shamala. As a result, it also propelled my career in terms of being more connected with my clients. If you are looking to change your life, yet are always facing obstacles by pressure or your environment, I would highly recommend Shamala to guide you along. Be prepared to do the recommended assignments and practise what is given too! As they say, “if you are looking for investments with high returns and low risk, invest in yourself”, with this said, engaging Shamala was the best investment for myself. – Fitness Coach

Fitness Coach

Working with Shamala for 2 months was an amazing experience for me . She has helped and supported me through my personal power and inner child blocks. She was readily available when I needed her via email when I felt the grasp of the negative ego trying to take over. I always looked forward to my weekly sessions with Shamala, it always ended with great insight and upliftment. She worked through the process with a positive and supportive attitude. I am grateful to have worked with her. I only finished thus far the 2 months of the 3 month fast track program, but within this time I have felt a great shift in my being. I definitely feel more confidence, self love and power to do what i was meant to do in this life. I will definitely finish up my 3rd month of the program and continue to work with Shamala as she has been a wonder to work with and shift me out of my blocks. Thank you Shamala! ~ C.R. from California