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Beyond The Physical World

Do you secretly believe that ETs exist? 

Or perhaps you longed to be connected with the fairies and elves kingdom. In this 3 session lecture series, we explore these topics and more!

You can view them at your own time and pace, and your questions will be answered within the students' portal so just use the comments section below each video. 

What we will cover on the 3-Sessions:

Session 1

  • The spiritual planes of the earth; what are they?
  • Are ghosts spiritual? What is going on in the spiritual realm
  • The planet Earth as a spiritual being and what is happening to her now?
  • The kingdoms of the earth : mineral, plant, animal, human. What are their roles? How do they evolve? And how are our roles inter-connected?

Session 2

  • Is there life on other planets? 
  • If so, how are they connected to us on Earth?
  • Are they also spiritual? Do they have souls? Are they religious? 
  • Are ETs real? Or are they a figment of our imagination played out in movies and books?

Session 3

  • The lines of evolution
  • How do our human souls evolve?
  • Do angels evolve and what is their true role besides being messengers? Do they really have wings?
  • And is there such a thing as a spiritual hierarchy? If so, how does it work?


What People Are Saying:

Thanks so much, Shamala For doing the class. You confirmed for me things that I knew but didn’t know I knew and had somehow blocked out. The reality to me is that it is all a journey into our inner world and the healing we all need at this time. Thanks for providing the much-needed knowledge on this spiritual journey.


I think that it is always a good thing that the truths and new things are introduced and revealed to us in a way that you feel empowered as eternal beings, not just a human. Her lectures are one of such kinds. She is always so generous in sharing all the wisdom with us and really a great teacher. I think there must be so much diversity and unimaginable wonders in the vast universe that you would never know if you do not seek to. These sessions are full of such information. After listened to the three-day lectures, I feel encouraged to explore within myself deeper and deeper to grow myself no matter what challenges, and I will. I greatly appreciate it.


Thank you very much for wonderful lecture and meditation. A lot of Meditation were very powerful for me, and I feel so purified . I meditate for clearing every day, but, these meditations in your session were more powerful. I am going to continue them. I have done psychological work for many years and I am familiar with many Masters, Archangels for that work. Though I can not see Spiritual Hierarchy with my physical eyes, your lectures have given me a sense that it really exists. I felt excited that heard them. If possible, I would very much appreciate it if you could tell me how the Spiritual World(Buddhic, Atmic, Monadic, Logoic planes) look like in another opportunity. Thank you very much.

Tomohiko Hayakawa