Aura/Energy Cleansing, Cord Cutting Session (Psychic Clearing)

$185.00 USD

This has been one of my more popular session as it does the job of cleansing your energy system really well!

I’ve had multiple unsolicited feedback from my clients on the benefits they have experienced since the sessions. 

What will we cover in this session:

  • Scan your energy system for negative energies that no longer serve you
  • Clear all negative spiritual/mental/emotional/etheric tumours present in your energy field including your aura
  • Cut all negative spiritual, karmic, mental, emotional, etheric cords you have with people, places, and things
  • Cleanse and purify all negative cords that cannot be cut
  • Scan and repair your aura of holes, and unwanted negative energies
  • Clear and rebalance all your chakras
  • Infuse your aura and entire energy system with energies of your higher self and higher purpose
  • Clear all karmic ties (contracts) from past lives that no longer serve you
  • Repair of your enteric body of damage inflicted in past lives
  • Clear all unwanted entities and energies present in your energy field that do not serve your higher purpose
  • Reinforce your protective grid (you will also be taught how to maintain this)
  • Activate your connection with your higher self, and spiritual guides and teachers
  • A list of homework will be given to you on how to maintain your energy system
  • If you're in Singapore and wish to make the payment in Singapore dollars, go to this LINK and book the 60 mins session 


What People Are Saying: Due to the sensitivity of the clients’ needs, most names have been withheld on request.

Dear Shamala, Excuse the delay here! I just wanted to thank you for the healing session. As you will be aware, it is having such a great, well – needed impact on my life I really needed it – as you will be well aware! I’m very grateful for the path you have chosen, and your service has proven priceless to me. Thank you so much! Much love and blessings always!


Dear Shamala, Thank you so much for the clearing session, I feel energetic in the last couple of days. I feel I am given a new lease of life. I can not thank you and the Masters enough for healing me in such a wonderful arragment that is completed successfully.. ……. Once again, thank you so much for your help, your love & blessings. There should be more people like you around so there will be less people seeing Psychiatrists. With love from the bottom of my heart,


Dear Shamala this is really care for your fellow. This work have no price.


Dear Shamala, I could have never really thanked you enough for your selfless assistance to my smaller son and me. If you remember in last August as an emergency you facilitated a Clearing-Healing Session for him, but you addressed it to me. And Look at him now ! He is working and renting his own little unit. He got the job what he wanted and very quickly without any problem. And now he and his girlfriend are healthy and happy together. Thank you! Much love,

Grateful Client (Australia)

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