What is a Gene Key Profile Session?

It is a map of your spiritual and psychological growth, pinpointing exactly: Where to focus on, how to focus and what to attain.

How did the Gene Keys come about?

They are information put together and created by Gene Keys teacher Richard Rudd from many years of self-study as well as learning from the best in the field. In my own learning, I have found that the Gene keys have their roots in I-Ching, Depth Psychology (where shadow work is explored), and Human Design.

My personal experience with the Gene Keys has been and still is mind-blowing. I'll share more about my experience in a video later on. 

But in the meantime, here's what you need to know with these quick questions:

  • Who is the Gene Keys profile suitable for? 
    • Spiritual practitioners who understand the importance of working on their psychology because there is shadow work to be done 
  • Is it some kind of spiritual activation for fast ascension growth?
    • No, it is not the quick fix fast growth kind of activation. It is an activation into a journey of long haul learning where patience is highly recommended as a practice. It does not take away your problems. In fact, you are asked to immerse in your shadow as part of your practice so that you become familiar with how and why it is there in the first place, and only then can you truly empower yourself
  • Is this religious?
    • No, it is not. In fact, this is highly suitable for anyone who is religious but does not have any kind of psychological support as most religions do not have the psychological arm to support one's spiritual growth. And no, just reading the bible or other spiritual texts DO NOT help you to become enlightened psychologically. 
  • I heard there is some DNA activation work going on, sounds so far fetched and new-agey
    • I agree and these new-age DNA activations sound far fetched to me too! And I wouldn't do them either! The DNA "activation" from the Gene Keys is really a simple process: it happens within you when you grow and develop spiritually and psychologically. For eg, when you feel good and have clarity in mind, it shows in your entire being, you look and feel healthier and someone looking at you will notice a radiance. NOW THAT to me is a DNA activation. It causes change to happen to you from the inside out, and the energy you radiate out can be seen and felt by others.
  • If you are interested to grow spiritually in a balanced way and know that your psychology may be an area you're still in the dark about, it is time for you to book your Gene Key Profile Session. Select the appropriate button below.

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What others have said about their session:

NL from Singapore: You have facilitated a great session, clearing my doubts, clarifying things I do not understand and overall I really enjoyed this session.

I will definitely arrange more sessions with you as I embark on the Gene Keys journey.

Vicki O. from the USA: "I just experienced my first Gene Key profile session with Shamala. I am so grateful she brought this wonderful and profound spiritual tool to my attention.

The session was so profound I spent the better part of the day diving into the many wonderful resources she provided me. Anyone on a spiritual path will greatly benefit from this work. I can honestly say this was a transcendent experience and I felt a shift in my consciousness as a result. I highly recommend it.

Shamala is an outstanding teacher and I look forward to many more sessions."

LY's feedback: "Just completed the profiling session with Shamala, more to come, and it looks like I need to jump into something that I had been somehow avoiding. The challenge laid out is clear and it is only the beginning of an adventure with the roadmap in my hands.

I can't envision those outcomes from where I am now, but look forward to the journey. "

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