Free Group Coaching Call on 16 March 8am (Singapore time)

Times in other parts of the world: New York, 15 March 8pm; London, 16 March midnight

This is a group coaching call, if you wish to remain anonymous, do change your name on zoom, and make sure your camera is turned off, and you can just private message your question or situation to me, on the zoom call. 

If you have NO wish to remain anonymous, please feel free to leave your camera on and unmute yourself when you need to speak. 

I hope to take you through your crisis or emotional challenges you're facing right now through group coaching.

If you're not able to make it LIVE you can send in your questions, and get the recording, so do register

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From Crisis To Compassion

Are you an empath or a sensitive soul?

Have you found yourself in situations or relationships where you felt trapped or stuck, or maybe you felt you have been taken for granted, time and time again?

Are you tired of it?

But you know that it is now time to empower yourself 

Fill in your details to receive the zoom details for the free group coaching call a tree, if your roots are not deep, you will fall over. Take one patient step at a time from empathy to empowered empathy and then ultimately to compassion. ~ Shamala Tan