Saturday, 12 April 2014

New Website...

I've been silent for a while because I have been busy setting up my new website and new blog.

This blog will be focused on general topics, and the new one will mostly be on health care, healing experiences and so check it out: It is not officially launched yet as I have not completed it, but have a sneak peak and let me know what you think. 

The blog is set up already and will be writing more there soon. Exciting times ahead!  :)

Friday, 28 February 2014

Healing The Wounded Self Online Course {3-part series, and Bonus Q & A session}

That's me at the essential oil distillery.. at
the time of the trip, I was going through a
transition in my life, and the trip to the farm
was a welcome break. 
Too many people are stopped in their tracks because something is blocking them. Sometimes people believe that it is an actual person or actual situation that is blocking them. But on close inspection, they may realise that they are the ones stopping themselves.

The pull to stop in our tracks is strong, and it comes from deep within us. It comes from past pain and wounds that have not been healed and/or released.

In this three-part series online course which also includes a Bonus 'live' Q & A session, I will sharing tools and techniques to heal and release these wounded and broken parts of ourselves.

{Don't want to read to the end but want to sign up? CLICK HERE}

The tools have worked for me in various times of my life, from my days as a 'victim' of sexual abuse, to me abusing alcohol. And then when I became a spiritual teacher, wife and then parent, and having all of these 'good stuff' crumble in my own face because I was held back by my own wounded self. I will be sharing some very personal insights and what I have gained and learned from the experience.

This online course is not for everyone. But it is suitable for you if you:
  • know that your major stumbling block is yourself
  • are aware that your self esteem has suffered a blow 
  • want to climb out of your hiding space
  • know you have more to give to the world
  • want to live a purposeful life, give more, be more but something is holding you back
  • you are ready to move on and get on with what is important
This online course is happening on 7, 14, 21 and 28 March (the last session is a Bonus Q & A session) at 2pm GMT at every session. This means it is 9am in New York and 10pm in Singapore. Each session will last for about 60 mins.

If you are not able to attend 'live' for any or all of the classes, do note that recordings and notes will also be sent to you. 

Cost: USD68 for the entire course. Yes I am only charging a minimum fee to cover cost as my goal is to assist others to get a move on in their lives and do what they are meant to do! So do sign up for it CLICK HERE

If you register from now to 6 March 2014, I will also send you ANOTHER BONUS --- a copy of the book: Pebbles In The Pond....(while stocks last only! yes I will ship to you for free in any part of the world)

It is a great honour to be part of Pebbles In The Pond together with so many powerful transformational catalysts from around the world, including New York Bestsellers Robert G. Allen, Marci Shimoff, Arielle Ford, Christine Kloser and many others.
In my chapter I shared my journey on how I went From An Addict To An Intuitive Life Coach. This sharing is totally honest, open and transparent of how I struggled with self loathing and how I transformed myself and my life.
Read about how other visionaries also through their challenges saw the light and how it paved the way to their new life.....
So do sign up for it CLICK HERE

Friday, 21 February 2014

Navigating In A World Of People And Their Baggage

It is without doubt that everyone goes with their baggage when they enter into relationships, business, friendships and so on. At times it may be frustrating, eye rolling, amusing and much more in our interaction with others. Of course, needless to say we have our own baggage to content with as well.

So how do we navigate in a world of people and their baggages and yet try to get things done and not allow others and their baggage to bulldoze us?

Of course, taking the Pill of Sanity Maintenance would help.

But the reality is, we have to live with this as part of our learning here on earth. I've had so many eye rolling encounters with people this week that it has left me almost speechless and I can only laugh to think that there are indeed these sort of baggage around.

Let me share a few tips on how I am maintaining my own sanity while encountering these eye rolling and amusing experiences.....

  • Ignore their actions and know that it is their limited world view that is causing them to behave this way. And especially if these are people you do not really know, interacting with them is not going to make any difference to their well being, but will only make you sink to their level.
  • Give simple answers if people are too lazy to exercise their intelligence.
  • Be un-rattled when people disrespect you and your work and/or cheapen the value of your work. It has nothing to do with you, but everything to do with their own poverty mindset.
  • Reminding yourself to use your energy for good and not waste it on people and situations that does not serve your higher purpose.
  • Imagine yourself on a hot air balloon rising above the situation and enjoying the view from up above.
  • Most of all, laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.
  • Use this mantra: "Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore." ~ Unknown
Have a wonderful day navigating your way! :)

Monday, 20 January 2014

I Got Praised For Something I Should Do

I posted this recently on my FB status: I chased after a construction worker from bangladesh to return him the red bull can he tossed while he was on his bike. I caught up and told him that in this country we throw our garbage in the bin and in this case into the recycling bin. He obliged. I once did the same to a singaporean boy and he rolled his eyes at me. Guess who needs more education?

And I kinda expected people to comment on why the singaporean boy rolled his eyes and that our young generation needs to really take ownership of our country and what can we do about it and etc...

But no, my friends were commenting on how I did a good job!

Not that I did not appreciate their nice comments about me chasing after the construction worker. But I was a tad disappointed. I was disappointed to realize that something that EVERYONE should be doing is considered a 'job well done'. 

In this day and age, even a kind person seems so hard to come by. And kind people get super-praised for kindness when it is really part of our human nature. I guess most people are so out of touch with their human-ness, that they have become robotic, and kindness seems extra-ordinary!

So before I start sounding that I am not grateful for being 'praised' for doing a good job of chasing after someone who littered, I want to share my deepest wish -- that everyone just care enough to do what is right because it really doesn't take much, to think of other people in our environment, to know that if everyone spares a thought for someone else it does make a world of difference, to just simply care enough. :)

Monday, 6 January 2014

I Am Breaking My Own Rules Now, when it comes to social media....

Sasha doing her sales pitch at a
business networking meeting.
Picture by Sng Meng Lee
from Life View

I have always been protective of my daughter Sasha when it came to social media. I rarely show any pictures of her on my facebook, blogs, anywhere really, as I want to protect her privacy. As we know everything is traceable these days on the internet. 

Currently, at eight years old, she is actively writing stories daily on her blog. She has recently taken to create videos (without showing her face), and posting them on Youtube anonymously. She is very vocal and has gone to business networking meetings with me, not just to sit quietly but to also do her sales pitch. She branded herself as an author and was promoting her blogs at the meeting. 

She's a mini activist at the moment, encouraging everyone to go vegetarian to stop cruelty to animals and also to make our planet more sustainable, she's also into recycling and saving water. To me, she represents a compassionate voice of the young generation and I want to encourage her so that she and her peers can live on a planet that is both sustainable and beautiful.

I know that it is a matter of time before she is going to be quite visible on social media and the internet.

So instead of putting a strong rule down that NO we are not exposing her to social media, I am slowly introducing her to the world of social media through my own facebook page. I will let her share the following fan page with me (under supervision of course) 

Through my own facebook page, I would like to give her a space to share her thoughts, her vision, her 'weirdness' as she calls it. She doesn't think there is anything wrong in being different so I think it is a good start :)

I hope to cultivate her to become the Confident, Spiritual, Beautiful young lady that she is meant to be. 

Do visit us from time to time.... :)